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Part of the mission of Evie’s Warriors is to lessen the financial strain of raising a child with spina bifida. Whether that is assisting with medical bills or therapy and equipment costs we want to be there to help bridge the gap for families. We would also love to help children with spina bifida attend specialized camps!


A few of our past grant recipients:


Meet JP! JP received a grant to attend a special physical therapy session which resulted in him taking independent steps for the first time! His mom wrote “We can’t thank Evie’s Warriors enough for financially supporting JP’s intense Physical Therapy session that he finished on December 30, 2016. Without your support, we simply wouldn’t have been able to do the session. JP shows a faster and straightened gait thanks to the session using two different pieces of equipment. He is stronger in his walking too! We are truly humbled and blessed to have your support for our family and our son. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!”





Meet Addie! Addie’s family received a grant to pay off some outstanding medical bills which relieved a lot of stress for her family. From Addie’s mom – “Evie’s Warriors is a fantastic organization run by amazing people. Not only do they spread awareness for spina bifida, but they actively help individuals as well. We are very blessed to be a family that has benefited from their medical grant which helped us pay off outstanding balances at a time when medical bills were overwhelming us. They have also provided moral support as well as loaned us equipment when we needed it. We are very grateful for them and the amazing support they give.”






Meet Charleigh! Charleigh received a grant to attend hippotherapy. Most insurance companies will not cover this type of therapy, but we know first hand the difference it makes! The core strength gained from hippotherapy is incredible. We hope Miss Charleigh loved getting to experience this therapy, which often turns out to be a lot of fun.





There are many other families we have helped across the United States. From saving a single mom from the constant collection calls just weeks before Christmas to providing medical equipment not covered by insurance, we are happy to be able to provide for families in some of their most desperate times of need. To apply for a grant from Evie’s Warriors fill out the form below.

Application for Financial Assistance

Parent(s) and/or the Legal Guardian(s) of a child with Spina Bifida are encouraged to request Financial Assistance for out of pocket expenses including medical bills, therapy costs, including mobility equipment, and adaptive camps. Approved applicants may be awarded up to a $500 grant to be used for approved expenses (approved expenses are at the discretion of the Board). Financial assistance is limited and is offered on a first come, first served basis.