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Special Thanks

We would like to take a moment to thank a few people. First, to our Heavenly Father. We would not have made it through Evie’s pregnancy or her first year of life without the strength and grace given to us by Him. To our family and friends, without your love and support we wouldn’t have stayed sane. Thank you for understanding we are always exhausted, often forget to stay in touch or wish happy birthdays because our brains are filled with so much other “stuff” – thank you for being patient as we continue to navigate our crazy awesome lives!

Finally, we would like to thank the most dedicated doctors, nurses and staff in the world at Cardinal Glennon. If I had to list every single nurse that ever helped through an awful night I would run out of space. But there are a few that we would like to personally thank. Dr. Elbabaa, Rachel Elledge, Anne Gildehaus, Kathy Keenoy, Dr. Kemp, Fetal Care Institute, Holly Hanak, Lindsey Martin, Lou Salvin, Dr. Vlastos – you all mean the world to us and we could never thank you enough!