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Meet Evie’s Family


 Joe (Dad)

Joe is very involved with Evie’s day to day care. She is very blessed to have both of her parents extremely involved in her daily care!  Daddy loves to brag on his girl and show off her pictures!


Heather (Mom)

Heather is the coordinator of the family! She stays in close contact with Evie’s medical team and does most of the research on the newest therapies for Spina Bifida and the latest and greatest medical equipment.  Mommy loves to dress Evie up in fashionable outfits with matching accessories.  Evie most resembles Heather both with looks and attitude!


Gavin (Big Brother a/k/a “Bubba”)

To say that Gavin is proud to be Evie’s big brother would be an understatement. He loves being Evie’s big brother and showing her how to do everything! From helping with therapy to coloring together Gavin is always right by Evie’s side. Gavin doesn’t see Evie’s “different abilities” and usually likes to include her with whatever it is he is doing. Gavin takes pride in making sure Evie gets into school safely and always looks out for his little sister!


Avery (Little Sister)

Evie has loved taking on the roll of big sister. She has taught Avery so much and Avery looks up to Evie. The girls both dance at the same studio and find joy in many of the same activities. The girls love playing at the park together and you can find them at home enjoying any type of craft!