Happy Independence Day!

We hope all of you had a wonderful holiday weekend celebrating the 4th of July! Evie had a fun-filled long weekend starting Thursday evening when she saw her physical therapist, Susan, and orthotist, Mr. Tim. We have been talking with Susan for several weeks now about the possibility of going down to a lower brace on Evie’s right leg because her right side is so much stronger than her left and we thought she could handle it. We are also battling some inward rotation on Evie’s left side so it has been a back and forth to decide what is the best route for Evie. On Thursday we got to make the final decision with the help of Susan and Mr. Tim. Tim agreed that Evie didn’t need the higher bracing on her right leg due to its strength so he was able to cut and manipulate her current brace into the smaller kind, called an SMO. We then talked about Evie’s left leg and decided she needed more range of motion to obtain a more normal gait so he also cut that one a bit to make the support up the back of her leg a little less. That little change has allowed us to see great progress in Evie’s walking just in these past few days. Evie was also molded for her brand new braces which will be the smaller SMO on the right and the AFO she has been wearing on the left with a little less support. Mommy is very excited to see such progress in Evie’s walking!


On Friday Evie and her big brother, Gavin, got to go visit their great-grandparents and spend some time with them fishing and bbq’ing. They had lots of fun and Gavin even caught 2 fish! What a fisherman!!


For the 4th of July Evie and Gavin got to enjoy a local parade. They absolutely love seeing all the floats but the loud noises from some of the floats weren’t so fun for them but overall they had a great time. The kids also got to enjoy sparklers and shooting off some small fireworks at grandma and grandpa’s house before going to the big firework show. Mommy also snapped some festive pictures 🙂 We went to a local park where mommy has gone for many, many years to watch the fireworks. The kids had so much fun watching the pretty sky light up. Evie was not fond of the loud booms but the noise-cancelling headphones were a life saver 😉









Sunday was a much needed rest day!

Hope you all had just as much fun as we did!