A Special Thank You!

Evie just received a generous donation from people we have never personally met and I wanted to publicly thank them.

A few months ago my mom started a new job. I will be honest, I was not too thrilled she was leaving me….you see, we worked right across the street from each other so we had frequent lunch dates and I loved bringing her lunch when she was too busy to get out of the office. But nevertheless, she took on this new job no where near where I work. She has been at this new job for only a few months and has been working so hard. We always talk about our days and how her new team is going and so on.

Well yesterday she texted me to tell me her team got her an awesome Christmas present. I wasn’t surprised as I think my mom is pretty awesome myself, but she was really excited about this present. She told me she got a card with tons of signatures on it with a note inside that said a donation was made to Evie’s Warriors on her behalf. Can you believe that?! My first reaction (after being incredibly thankful) was “good grief mom, how much do you talk about Evie if they already know where to donate to?!” But I know she is just so proud of both of her grandkids that is probably just comes up often in conversation.

So, to my mom’s new team, THANK YOU! Thank you for her warm welcome to the company and thank you for your generous donation to Evie and our journey to get her a stem cell treatment!

Lots of Love, The Morgans