Evie’s Warriors Golf Shootout 2015

If you have been keeping up with Evie’s blog and Facebook page then you know we are in the process of raising over $20,000 to get Evie a stem cell treatment (click here for more info on the treatment). We have done all sorts of things to raise funds up to this point to get her outstanding medical bills paid off. Evie had surgery at 14 hours old to close her spine, at 5 weeks old a brain surgery to implant a shunt and on May 19th, 2014 another brain surgery called a decompression – so the bills had stacked up and we needed help big time. Our family and friends stepped up to the plate and helped us raise money through t-shirt sales, a Trivia Night and most recently the Cooking with Evie’s Warriors cookbooks. But we need to do something BIG now to get the word out and put a dent in this $20,000 goal so we came up with this….A GOLF SHOOTOUT!

Evie’s daddy loves to golf so he is the man behind this event. I (mommy) am helping out of course with the details but he is doing all the leg work! So help us out by spreading the word about this event and if you are local we would love to see you on April 25th 🙂