Welcome to Evie’s Warriors!!!! Thank you for visiting our site and checking out our little miracle. Please feel free to click around and check out all the different pages here. We have this site jam-packed with information and hope you will find it helpful. ┬áDon’t forget that we are just a couple super determined parents out to do the best we can for our diva princess and we are not trained medical providers. Please consult with your medical providers if you have any questions about the care of your little warrior.

Evie has been hard at work in therapy. We are working so hard with her to begin taking assisted steps with her walker. We have a few pieces of equipment we regularly use (I will make another post in the coming weeks all about her equipment) to help position her correctly and teach her to properly bare weight on her legs to begin taking steps. We adore our physical therapist and are incredibly thankful for everything she has done for us. We always know she is just a text or phone call away. Evie has been with her physical therapist since she was about 6 weeks old…so almost her entire life. She has been with us through the ups and downs and is a wonderful cheerleader for our girl.

Evie also gets occupational therapy (OT). Her OT helps her with fine motor skills, textures, and eating. Evie has failed a few swallow studies due to aspiration so we are continuing to work very hard to get her back on regular, thin liquids (we currently have to thicken them). Evie’s next swallow study is scheduled for December 5th…fingers crossed we see some improvement!

Thanks for stopping by. Feel free to leave comments or ask questions, we are an open book!