Who’s Who?!

I am going to do a quick run down of the who’s who in Evie’s life.

Evie lives with her mommy, daddy and bubba (big brother). We have 3 dogs, a cat and a fish. We live very close to 1 set of grandparents and just a short drive to her other grandparents.

Evie’s physical therapist is Susan and her occupational therapist is Ursula.

Evie has a pretty extensive medical team on her side. Her primary care physician is Dr. Cheng, he’s amazing! Then we have our team at Cardinal Glennon. Dr. Elbabaa is our main man, that’s Evie’s neurosurgeon. He has been the only doctor to ever operate on Evie and we absolutely, 100% love this man with all we have. I wish he was part of our family so we could see him all the time! [Update: Our beloved Rachel is no longer at Glennon – we wish her the best! Then there is Rachel, that’s Dr. Elbabaa’s nurse, she is incredible and the person that gets everything done for us. She is always right behind us and helping us make decisions, getting all of Evie’s tests scheduled and just a phone call or e-mail away with answers to my crazy mom questions :)] Teri is Dr. Elbabaa’s new nurse and she happened to be Evie’s PICU nurse after her most recent brain surgery. We haven’t had many encounters with her but we know she is amazing. Anne is Dr. Elbabaa’s nurse practitioner and man do we love her! She is a get er done kinda gal and that’s what we love! She is always available by phone or e-mail and will pull whatever strings she can to help our girl. There is also Dr. Kemp on our neuro team, she is the doc’s resident…we sure hope she gets to stay at Glennon beacause she has been with us from the beginning too!

photo (3)

From left to right: Dr. Elbabaa, Dr. Kemp, Teri, Anne and Rachel

Evie has an incredible urology nurse, her name is Lou. She helps us with the oh so glamours issues with urinary and bowel issues. Those are our main people and you will see me talk about them regularly, so get to know them!!